Chlorella and Spirulina + Centella Asiatica

What are
"SUPERFOODS"? Simply put, they are the best food sources in the planet for they contain every single nutrient required by the human body to achieve optimum health. These so called superfoods give almost miraculous health-boosting benefits and demonstrative stunning; preventive and curative properties with no side effects. Whatever health goal you want to achieve - whether to overcome a serious disease, or to accelerate weight loss, or to improve mental sharpness - then these superfoods can certainly do job!      

These superfoods are superior to any other vitamin and mineral supplements that are available in the market today. Once you start taking these, you can basically dispose off all other supplements that you have. Furthermore, all the astounding nutrients from them are present in their natural form - the form the human body was meant to digest, the form that allows maximum absorption and maximum effect. The body utilizes them better than the vitamins and minerals that are synthetically manufactured - they are more absorbable, more efficient and simply more healthful! They are nature's solution in conquering diseases such as cancer, nerve damage, diabetes, heart diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and fatigue, and a lot more.


Chlorella and Spirulina are micro-algae that grow in fresh water. They've been around for quite some time; a few billion years actually. These are some of the earliest and simplest life forms on the planet, appearing way before animals roamed these lands. These micro-algae contain an astonishing array of nutritional elements: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals.

They hold all nutrients needed by the human body. Yes, you could literally live of these micro-algae since they are so nutritionally dense.

It seems that the list of health benefits from these micro-algae never ends. Both Chlorella and Spirulina are particularly useful for:
  • People with poor digestion and assimilation
  • People with poor vitality and anemia
  • Individuals who consume large quantities of animal protein
  • People who eat refined or processed foods
  • People who are overweight or obese
  • People with cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis
  • People who take prescription drugs
  • People with chronic liver disorders
  • People who have a history of smoking or drinking
  • People who engage in physical exercise
  • People with low energy levels

Arthritis Asthma Bleeding gums Body odor / Breathe odor Constipation Depression Diabetes Essential fatty acids deficiencies Hemorrhoids High blood pressure Hypoglycemia Infections Inflammation of joints and tissues Intestinal ulcers Mineral deficiencies Obesity Various degenerative diseases


Centella Aisatica is a small creeping herb with shovel-shaped leaves emerging in clusters that originated in the wetlands of Asia. It has been use for thousands of years to treat practically every ailment known to man at one time or place or another. This herb has been revered as one of the miracle herbs of Oriental Medicine. It is considered the most powerful of the rejuvenating herbs in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, it was called the "The Fountain of Youth" because it is known to promote longevity and vitality.     

Other properties of Centella Asiatica

  • Contains no caffeine yet it is used to increase energy and vitality, combating stress, depression, and fatigue.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis, which is important in maintaining youthful skin and in enhancing hair and nail growth.
  • Strengthens the the venous system, thereby alleviating varicose veins, gastric ulcers, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, etc.
  • Detoxifies the body from heavy metals as well as drugs. Promotes wound healing, prevents bedsores and muscular atrophy making it valuable for post-operative and bedridden patients.
  • Shows great promise in increasing IQ and improving meditation.

Arthritis Bowel disorders Chronic venous insufficiency Eczema Elephantiasis Fever Hair loss High blood sugar levels Hypochondria Immune System Strengthening (cleansing & nourishing) Minor burns Poor concentration Poor Vitality Psoriasis Rheumatism Scars Scleroderma Senility Skin ulcers Varicose veins Wound healing